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Amavasya is the starting day of krishna paksha or lunar month. New moon day or Amavasya is commended from various perspectives crosswise over india. Amavasya has two countenances as indicated by hindus. To begin with confront which is witchy face of Amavasya. It is so famous in bollywood motion pictures. In west bengal, there is a convention of Kali puja on Amavasya and uncommonly it is commended on diwali. Amavasya has great face as well. In this day individuals clean up in blessed streams, they quick and offer blossoms and desserts to God. Amavasya Vrat have their own significance. Amavasya held in consistently and concurring multi month, it has differents names like

Bhado Amavasya

Bheemana Amavasya

 Somvati Amavasya

 Mauni Amavasya

 Shani Amavasya

 and so on. Each Amavasya conveys another bliss to the life. It is the finish of dimness and the start of light. So the general population who do quick on this day will get incredible effect on their life. They get productive impacts of their fasting. Amavasya is the day, when we celebrate diwali as well. We love the goddess of riches Laxmi and Lord Ganesha. So Amavasya has its great faces as well.

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