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The full moon day in the month lunar timetable is known as Purnima. This day is having its own particular criticalness. The essential of Purnima lies in the way that there are a few eminent Hindu celebrations that touches base on this day. Moreover, the majority of the Hindu enthusiast’s onlooker an entire day quick on full moon day and offer petitions to Lord Vishnu. Upon the arrival of Purnima, the moon finishes its one cycle around the earth which additionally symbolizes the finish of a section in one's life and shedding out of the things that are never again required

Advantages of Purnima Puja, The Shree Satyanarayan Puja is thought to be exceedingly imperative for thriving and joy. This puja is generally done after extraordinary events and imperative functions like marriage, on the event of some huge accomplishment, buy of house or other property, and so on. It is essentially implied for saying thanks to Lord Vishnu for the accomplishments and wish for its sustainment.

Maha Mrityunjay Jaap is an intense havan that is done on Purnima itself to get the best outcomes. The custom is great and is finished by learned masters alone. Doing this havan can take care of a considerable measure of issues and improve life. Doing this havan can please both Lord Shiva and Vishnu. On Purnima in the wake of fasting individuals adore the moon god for his endowments. It is said that this Pooja can be great and help the enthusiasts achieve their desires.

Purnima puja and Fasting Rules:

1. Upon the arrival of Purnima, the fan awakens at a young hour early in the day and takes a blessed dunk in a holy waterway before dawn.

2. According to one's advantage, Lord Shiva or Vishnu can be worshiped. There is no exceptional puja method for Purnima. The aficionado can do the puja however he sees fit. Purnima is the perfect day to do Satyanarayan puja at homes.

3. Despite the fact that it is a perfect decision to quick for the duration of the day without eating anything at all, one dinner is permitted if the aficionado lean towards. Be that as it may, this supper ought to be free from salt, oats or heartbeats.

4. The fasting begins at dawn and finishes with the locating of the moon.

5. At night the lover has a dream of the full moon rising and offers his petitions and love to the moon god. Following this, Prasad is expended.

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