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Records indicate that the trading of RUBIES existed as far back as 200 BC, along the Silk Road from China to the west.  In the ancient days in Asian countries, buildings and structures would be reinforced with rubies in their foundation to bring good luck to the home or establishment.  Throughout the far East rubies were treasured, and indicators of wealth and prestige.  Rubies were so highly valued, that legend has it that Kublai Khan himself once offered an entire city in exchange for a large ruby.  In Burmese lore, it is said that embedding a ruby beneath the skin would make an individual invulnerable to attack.  Even possessing a ruby was believed to be enough to allow a person to go through life without fear of harm.

In Europe in the Middle Ages, ruby also seen as a powerful stone.  It was thought to darken when danger was near, and others thought that it would give prophetic dreams and visions.  Even Ivan the Terrible assigned healing powers to the ruby, and it was considered medicinal to drink the powdered stone. It was believed to be an antidote to poison, and they even thought that rubbing the stone on the skin would maintain youth and vitality.

Spiritual Attributes

Ruby is a versatile power stone of the red spectrum.  It is said to be supremely stimulating, building up energy levels and encouraging vitality, allowing you to extend your endurance and overcome fatigue.  Ruby is an intense stone, instilling in its bearer a boundless zest for life, and heightened mental abilities such as focus and concentration.  Not only is ruby said to increase the bearer’s own strength, but it helps see the strength within yourself, to channel it, and to heighten leadership skills.  It boosts the feelings of self-confidence and positivity, passion and enthusiasm.  Highly sensitive people may find wearing or carrying a ruby to be uncomfortable or over stimulating.

Ruby is also said to be a stone of manifestation, especially in areas of wealth.  This encompasses not just financial wealth, but in manifesting abundance in all its forms.


Among one of Ruby’s most well-known attributes is its reported ability to enhance all levels of love and passion.  It is associated with passionate commitment and intimacy, and is especially beneficial for married couples or anyone in a long-term committed relationship.  It is said that ruby stimulates all forms of sensuality… crazy, wild sexual escapades and tantric mystical communions.  Lore says that if you wear a ruby during sex, it will assist in stamina and in increased chances for conception.  Ruby is said to help in overcoming sexual dysfunction, impotence and pretty much any other issue of female or male reproduction.

For those not in a relationship, ruby is said to attract new love into your life, as well as encouraging and enhancing platonic love, or love-from-a-distance.  It also assists in a person’s view of themselves as a sexual creature, helping you to feel more sexually attractive.

Ruby is also about love, love for others and love for oneself.  It is said to help control emotional eating, assisting its bearers in overcoming self-doubt or fears of being unlovable.  It is widely reported to help with weight loss.  It is empowering for those with low self-esteem, who hold onto their weight for emotional reasons.  The more you love the body you’re in, the more it responds in kind, and ruby helps teach us these lessons in self-love.

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